Aradia Sunseri

Aradia Designs

Head Dresses, Talismans, and Adornment

All of my pieces are handmade & one of a kind. Made from recycled elements: organic and man-made seamed together – Gracefully merging the couture with meaningful talismans. Recycled and sourced material from local & around from around the globe.

Inspired by the feminine divine throughout the ages.

Evoking a strong sense of nostalgia for the classic age of interlacing art, mythos & culture.

Each piece is hand sewn; Natural cycles of animals are honored and collected for wisdom. No harm to animals or the use of hired taxidermy was used in creating such artifacts.

I am deeply passionate about creating these pieces to be awakened into. Each has an archetypal energy and is an offering to who seeks its wisdom. Each design reflects sculpture, textile and symbolism.

Enjoy! Customs orders are available as well.

For all inquiries please contact me

Reinvent the Ancient Muse + Awaken the Goddess Within

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